Time Warp – on skirt! Magazine

One of my favorite publications that still features personal essay – skirt! Magazine – has done me the honor of including one of my pieces in their March issue, which has a Time theme.

The piece I wrote, Time Warp, contemplates the way that time stretches out and shrinks depending on how those minutes are filled. I hope you’ll skip on over for a read, and check out some of the other wonderful essays in this month’s issue.

And I hope all your good minutes this weekend stretch to infinity, and the bad ones just shrink down to nothing.


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  1. Wendi:

    Love this piece!

  2. Sara Evinger:

    And then it’s 40 years of marriage, three of your four parents/in-laws are in heaven and you are no longer the youngest in your group of friends…some 50-something young whipper-snapper is! What still rocks time: waiting for vacation vs. the actual vacation which comes and goes so fast you barely have time to enjoy the present, process it and remember it – thank goodness for digital photography in our lifetime!

  3. Nancy Davis Kho:

    thanks you. Six weeks til I see you at EBWW, which what I have to accomplish between now and then making it feel like 6 minutes.

  4. My Inner Chick:

    —I blogged on Skirt for 3 years and have many writer / friends over there!

    I’m going over to read your post right now.

    Congrats. x

  5. Nancy Davis Kho:

    thanks – it’s been awhile since I’ve had an essay there, but I love their monthly themes and always try to write something on them, even if I’m not going to submit. Thanks for going to check it out, and for stopping by here!

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